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What Makes Us Special?

We help our clients to stay ahead of the market, reduce cost, improve performance and drive efficiencies.

Anyone can say that they’re special. We hope to prove it by setting out 10 things which clearly show what makes us different. These are our 10 Key Differentiators which together with our class leading quality of service and quality of delivery set us apart from our competition.


1. Safety is ALWAYS our Number One priority.

We build relationships based on safety, quality, credibility and trust. This approach helps us achieve excellence in everything we do and provide the highest possible quality in our work with a continued commitment to Health, Safety & the Environment.

Supporting client safety is also integral to our business. Nortech offer a full Construction Design Management (CDM) service, including:

     · On-site Safety Management and Support.
     · HSE Performance Measurement.
     · HAZID, HAZCON and HAZOP Studies.
     · Remote site surveys & inspections.


2. We provide significant improvements against the market.

We work together as ‘one team’ with our clients providing solutions to support their growth and success, always looking for opportunities to improve & simplify. These close partnerships have allowed us to develop significant efficiencies and savings against our peers.

Improvements against the market include:

     · We are delivery and capability focused.
     · We provide simpler solutions, fit for purpose with simplified reporting.
     · We work lean and efficient.
     · We deliver with reduced management.
     · We have an integrated deliverables approach - working smarter to deliver the job.
     · We have rationalised norms, providing both cost & schedule savings.
     · We are cost effective, with competitive labour and charge rates.
     · We work in many commercial models to suit the project or client’s needs.
     · We operate within a simplified delivery structure


3. We provide Greater Experience and Shared Best Practise.

As a multi-discipline, multi-sector engineering design contractor, with additional expertise from across the Nortech Group, we have the ability to weather challenges and prosper by leveraging our wide range of experience.

Working across multiple sectors and markets provides a number of advantages, including:

     · A greater range of experience, allowing us to apply best practise and lessons learned from all sectors  – identifying ways to operate smarter and cheaper.
     · Achieve higher utilisation, resulting in lower cost.
     · Working across multiple sectors also provides a more cost effective resource pool, utilising transferable skills from skilled engineers in multiple sectors, providing an increased range of experience in addition to reduced cost.


4. We have Strength in Depth.

As a reflection of our growing reputation and success, we are an international business with exposure in Teesside, Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi.

Winning work internationally provides greater security and confidence to our clients that we are here for the long term through not being solely reliant on one geographic market. Nortech are a successful, secure, long term partner to work with.


5. The Low Cost Support You Need.

In addition to our international exposure, Nortech has a low cost engineering capability in Mumbai. This allows us to offer multiple tailored low cost commercial options.

Aligning to the clients needs, Nortech can deliver a single point managed solution that maximises the correct technical solution within a commercial framework that ensures cost reductions and overall project savings.


6. The Accreditation You Expect.

Nortech are proud to have an FPAL rating of 92%. This acts as an independent assessment of our quality, service and delivery. We also have full ISO accreditation.

Being fully accredited gives you confidence that your suppliers achieve and exceed the highest international standards. “Your business works hard to meet international standards, you should expect your supply chain to do the same.”

     · BS-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management System.
     · BS-EN-ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System.
     · ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety.


7. Market Leading Lean Delivery Model.

At Nortech we fully understand the challenges our clients face. As part of our ongoing service commitment, we have established a lean delivery model that is setting new benchmarks in the industry.

On small single discipline or low complexity multi-discipline projects, the appropriate technical lead is assigned as our delivery manager thus removing a layer of indirect management and cost.
On larger projects, we will ensure we provide the right level of project management support to ensure successful delivery and client satisfaction.
In taking this approach we are able to offer a fully inclusive direct cost solution with no additional indirect or corporate additions; a true lean solution.
Benefits of the Delivery Manager Role.

  · The Delivery Manager is dictated by the scope. For example a piping upgrade project would be owned by the piping manager. This makes piping responsible for delivery of both the Technical & Commercial aspects of the project.
     · Our Delivery Managers can leverage the centralised management and project support as required. This reduces the number of full time equivalents required per job, therefore significantly reducing cost.
     · Delivery Managers are able to call in additional technical support as needed from across the Nortech Group, again further reducing the required number of Project Engineers/Managers, changing Full Time Equivalent roles to Part Time Equivalent, further reducing cost with no impact on schedule.


8. We provide a Full Multi-Discipline Engineering Capability.

Nortech offer a full service engineering capability based on quality of service, quality of delivery and speed of response. Our strategic position offers a credible solution to support your needs from Concept Development to Handover.

Capabilities include:

     · Front End Studies & Concept Development
     · Pipeline Engineering
     · Dimensional Survey Capabilities - 2D & 3D.
     · Process Engineering & De-bottlenecking
· Civil & Structural Engineering & Design
     · Piping Engineering & Design
     · Electrical Engineering & Design (LV, MV & HV Distribution)
     · Instrument and Control Engineering and Design (including F&G/ESD).
· Mechanical & Rotating Equipment Engineering
     · Technical Safety Engineering & Environmental Engineering
     · HVAC Systems Design
     · Project & Package Management
· Stress Engineering
     · Repairs & Replacement
     · Material Procurement / Specification
     ·    · Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
     · System Modelling
   · Caisson Replacement / Integrity
     · Construction Support
     · Plant Repair Orders
· Minor Projects Delivery
     · Minor Modifications
     · HAZOP Services
     · Design Optimisation
· Interface Management
     · Asset Life Extension Projects
     · Engineering Services
· Fabrication Support Services
     · Integrity Management
     · Swage Repairs
     · Riser Replacement
     · Project Troubleshooting
· 3D Modelling Services
     · Caisson Replacement / Integrity
     · 3D Realisation & Animations
     · Procurement Services


9. Strategic Partnerships.

At Nortech we have strategic partnerships with complimenting, trusted supply chain partners covering:

     · Fabrication
     · Construction
     · Commissioning
     · Installation

Together we can provide a better level of service, speed of response and a lower cost solution to the existing providers. We also work extremely well with our client’s term contractors and incumbent teams.

We manage our strategic partnerships from engineering design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning as a single point contact. This reduces interfaces, improves reaction times and reduces cost.

Smarter, lower cost solutions

Working hand in hand with our partners we can offer smarter and lower cost solutions by joining expertise during the whole design and build process.

All parties can share their knowledge and experience of what works well and the challenges they face during fabrication, which can then be designed out up front reducing total cost.

Quick response

We also have the flexibility to receive a phone call for an urgent need, and react within hours rather than days.


10. We have a Philosophy You Can Trust.

At Nortech we have a standard Modus Operandi based on key principles. This provides the platform to support your future success and sets out the basis of our relationship and how we work.

This gives you the confidence in knowing what to expect and removes any unnecessary surprises. This approach has been very successful and well received with clients across all sectors.

Key binding principles:

     · We apply a simplified and proven approach – this is a large part of our growing success. This sets out the key steps and spirit of the working relationship right from the start.
     · Our rates, activities and deliverables are bench marked as the basis of our relationship. These are agreed up front and all parties buy into the approach.
     · This also allows for a variable commercial approach – selecting what is right for each job, which then minimises the need/value to challenge estimates, meaning they get approved much easier and quicker. This allows for the real focus to execute and deliver the project.
     · We manage all 3rd party verification & approval within our estimates and responsibility.
 · Reporting is kept to a minimum and focused on value areas.
     · The need, format and content for project schedules are aligned with the client needs with a fit for purpose approach on small maintenance type work.
     · Embracing these principles helps underpin alignment and increase client satisfaction.
     · We aim to build long term relationships based on safety, quality, credibility and trust.



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