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Quality, Safety & Environmentally Assured

We provide clients with a dedicated service that goes above and beyond industry expectations.

Nortech has an Integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is independently certified and also a dedicated Quality Management Team. Nortech utilise the Service Execution Plan (Company Quality Plan) to ensure Quality Assurance compliance throughout the life cycle of every project along with a project specific ‘Project Execution Plan’ (PEP).


Health, Safety & Environmental Continuous Improvement Plan.

We strive to achieve a ‘one team’ approach built around trust, customer focus and being a reliable and dependable partner. This approach helps us achieve excellence in everything we do, providing the highest possible quality in our work with a continued commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.


Delivering Health & Safety We Shall:

     · Treat Health like Safety and Support a Stress Free Environment.
     · Lead by a “Safety Together” engaged management team.
     · Promote our beliefs and support our staff in all HSE aspects.
     · Encourage our “Safety Together” values throughout the Group.
     · Provide a Healthy & Safe Environment for our staff.
     · Measure what we use and consume.
     · Re-use and Recycle wherever practicable.
     · Make efficient, sustainable use of resources.



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