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Nortech Management & Consultancy Services offer effective solutions to support the successful delivery of complex engineering and construction projects.

We work with people, projects and organisations to confront and manage project challenges, achieve high performance and positive results. We strive to create the right culture and environment for people and project teams to succeed.

Our aim is to provide focused, fit for purpose, cost effective solutions which clients recognise and trust:
• Project Status Reviews/Audits
• Project Management, Engineering and Construction Management
• Estimating and Cost Management
• Risk Assessment, Analysis and Management
• Cost Engineering
• Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics
• Contracts and Subcontracts, Reviews, Audits, Production
• Contracts Administration
• Scheduling and Progress Monitoring
• Due Diligence
• Dispute Avoidance
• Claims & Dispute Resolution
• Expert Witness Services

We work with people, projects and organisations to confront and manage project challenges, achieve high performance and positive results. We strive to create the right culture and environment for people and project teams to succeed.


Nortech Management & Consultancy Services provide ‘added value’ by calling upon the specialist expertise from within the whole of the Nortech Group. This means you get the quality of service you deserve, at a cost and flexibility which adds huge value to your business.

Our integrated service allows us to support clients in a flexible and cost effective manner as we can pull expertise across the group, sharing the overheads and thus providing a lower cost and more flexible solution to the client.

Our staff include:

• Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers
• Contracts Managers
• Planning Engineers
• Procurement Specialists
• Project Managers
• Engineering Managers
• Construction Managers
• Technical support

Clients include:
• Contractors
• Lawyers
• Engineers
• Owners
• Lenders
• Insurance Providers


Management Solutions

As margins are eroded and competition increases it is necessary for performance and productivity to be optimised in order to maintain competitive advantage and achieve success. For this to be possible contracting parties need to be clear in their requirements and objectives when entering into contracts and subcontracts.

Thereafter, project personnel need to be aware of those requirements and responsibilities in order that these can be satisfied at all stages of the project execution. Our extensive project controls and contract management experience is available to clients to ensure contracts are properly formed and administered in order to effect savings and enhance market performance.


Cost Management

Cost Management is a broad subject encompassing all the elements of a project relating to cost, from inception to completion. Today’s market requires contracts to be administered in a professional and structured manner, allowing facts to be recorded and positions safeguarded.

Whilst some see stringent contract administration as potentially adversarial, this does not have to be the case. We employ experienced commercial and contract administration personnel with extensive practical experience of project cost management. We are able to deploy individuals to enhance a client’s existing commercial team, or alternatively deploy a commercial team to undertake the total commercial function of a project.

Planning and Scheduling

The construction schedule and associated planning techniques provide one of the most important management tools in any project. Not only does this provide a reliable means of planning forward work but also monitoring progress and change. This allows project management decisions to be made at appropriate times. In a claim or dispute, the schedule and actual progress achieved will also be essential to demonstrate the real impact of critical change.

In order to be effective, the schedule and progress records need to be developed, maintained and analysed by skilled and experienced people. Change needs to be identified from the various project records and the real impact upon the schedule determined. Our planning specialists have wide industry experience, blending practical skills with a high level of computer and IT literacy. Consequently we are able to ascertain real issues quickly, logically and economically.

We are well versed in all of the relevant proprietary computer software packages, which we use to help us efficiently develop and produce innovative ways to present complex matters in a comprehensible and effective matter. Whether assisting with project management, recoverable schedules, claim preparation, claim evaluation or providing expert witness services, our planning service produces economical and effective solutions.


Commercial Solutions

It is imperative that in today’s market contracts are administered in a professional and structured manner. We employ experienced professional personnel with extensive practical experience of project and operations commercial management.

We are able to deploy individuals to enhance a clients existing commercial team, or alternatively, deploy a commercial team to undertake the entire commercial function for a project or operation of assets.


Our expertise in the Commercial Solutions arena includes;

• Procurement strategy
• Bid support
• Estimating and budget preparation
• Project documentation
• Commercial strategy and procedures
• Contractual advice
• Contract administration
• Correspondence and notices
• Cost control and cost reporting
• Variations / change control
• Final account (preparation or agreement)
• Project auditing
• Benchmarking
• Commercial management of subcontractors and suppliers


Estimating and Budget Preparation - A variety of cost estimates can be prepared, ranging from high level conceptual estimates to full detailed capital estimates to support both the needs of the end user and the business (generation of other types of estimates would be for economic analysis, management decisions, optioneering and the like). Estimating methods will recognise the level of information available and will range from factorial, parametric and analogous to define estimating methods.

Nortech can assist in all stages of the estimating process using its wide ranging experience to provide accurate detailed estimates for projects.


Management - We focus on the identification and development of value opportunities and the cost effective management of projects from inception through to completion and operation of assets. Cost and risk performance is measures against targets and every opportunity for improvement identified.

Governance - We help you identify the best methods of managing your expenditure. We help you establish the best delivery strategies and define clear lines of accountability and responsibility.

Assurance - We verify that performance is consistent with your commercial policy and goals. We address any risks and issues that arise and if problems do occur we provide solutions designed to protect your interests.

Cost Control and Cost Reporting - Introducing a constant control service can bring immediate savings and make sure that you remain competitive in the long term. The use of accurate cost models, cost projections and cost management are all factors which are employed in the effective delivery of a cost control service within the cost parameters established at the outset. Cost control needs to be carefully managed. Whilst it clearly helps to cut wasteful activities, careless cost cutting can lead to falling quality, poor moral and the like. Nortech provide a flexible pro-active approach, tailored to suit the requirements of the client and ensure the application of cost control is implemented to deliver the desired results.

Contract Management and Administration - Most projects benefit from getting off to a good start using the right contract and then managing the rights an obligations through the project duration. Nortech specialise in this field and can bring a wealth of experience to any project.


Risk Solutions

Engineering and construction projects do not spontaneously fail. In every case there is a clear trail to an unrealised, misunderstood or unmanaged project risk. For over 40 years our team have been involved in the aftermath of projects which, at some point in their execution “failed”.

Those projects ended in dispute which had a detrimental impact on the contracting parties. We have gained a unique understanding of how to identify, evaluate and manage project risk, having retrospectively reviewed substation numbers of problem projects.


The understanding assists us in providing Project Risk Management Programmes which typically include;
• Identification of factors that create or impact risk.
• Quantification of the potential impact of each project risk factor.
• Determination of which factors are controllable.
• Establishing baseline assumptions for factors which are not controllable.
• Avoiding risk impact by effective management of controlling factors.
• Mitigation of risk impact of unplanned uncontrollable factors with a controlled response.

Risk Assessment
The greatest risk facing those engaged in construction projects is the failure to achieve timely completion at a cost that is within the project budget. Early identification and assessment of the factors which may result in failure is important if a project is to succeed.
To assist our clients we review the essential elements of project deliverables from the time and cost points
of view. This involves an in-depth assessment of both contractual and project issues, allowing risk to be
identified and assessed at an early stage.

Risk Management
Despite early risk assessment, identified risks need to be managed and reviewed on an ongoing basis.
In addition, risk appears at all stages of a project including unexpected events or outcomes inherent in the execution of any scope of work. To protect our clients we are able to manage, oversee and maintain key elements of projects such as overall management and organisational practices, cost management and control systems, scheduling practices and procedures, change and claims control procedures together with record keeping and document control.

Due Diligence
The technical and commercial risks inherent in any project finance transaction are often considerable. We
deliver sound analysis and pragmatic advice to banks, equity investors and insurers engaged in financing
both non recourse and asset-backed transactions. Our experience in the execution of complex construction projects provides us with a thorough appreciation of the risks facing our clients. The cornerstone of our approach to the due diligence process is to translate technical obligations for the borrower into commercial risk for the lender. We undertake a rigorous review, ascertain risk and deliver clear and informed solutions on how best to transfer, mitigate or insure such factors.


Dispute Resolution Solutions

Some disputes are not settled easily and in these circumstances we provide highly qualifies professionals to assist clients involved in formal dispute resolution processes including litigation, arbitration and adjudication.

We have extensive experience of working with leading lawyers, having developed an approach to litigation, arbitration and adjudication which satisfies the stringent requirements for properly preparing a case. This includes the need to evidence allegations and establish clear links between events and consequent
cost and time implications.

Our personnel have excellent communication skills, allowing us to effectively play our part using a team approach and our skills complement the work of other professionals involved in the litigation or arbitration process.


Case Management
Formal dispute resolution is a complex arena often involving a significant number of professionals. We often act as Case Managers for clients, providing the focus for and liaison between those various professionals, reporting to clients in a clear and structured manner.

The Case Manager ensures that all matters are being attended to on time, that budgetary controls are in place and that a client remains in control of the case. Importantly the Case Manager’s role also includes responsibility for ensuring that at all times clients are aware of the status of the case and all of the potential
risks and options available.

Expert Witness Services
Disputes which can not be resolved without recourse to arbitration or litigation are often highly complex. In such circumstances the testimony of an expert witness is often crucial to the decision as which party will prevail. The role of the expert is to provide an analysis of the facts together with opinion evidence on matters requiring specialist knowledge or expertise.

To be effective, an expert witness must be both experienced and knowledgeable in their field and must be perceived as being both independent and objective. We provide both Delay and Quantum Expert Witnesses who have a wealth of real experience in these important areas.

Our experts are highly qualifies individuals who act with the utmost integrity in the best interests of the client, but impartially and in a cost effective manner. Many of our experts have been extensively court tested and cross-examined on some of the largest cases in recent years.


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